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I’m writing a visual history of retro science fiction art. It’ll be out from Abrams Books in Fall 2022. My paid newsletter is all the most fascinating aspects of the in-depth research I’ll need to do to write it.

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Who am I?

I’m a tech writer. I do a lot of writing about science fiction: For Forbes, I wrote about growing art collector interest in retro sci-fi. For Popular Mechanics, I once wrote a feature on legendary sci-fi artist Chris Foss. For Barnes and Noble, I’ve written on how one misunderstanding in the 1870s created an entire sci-fi subgenre and I’ve interviewed an internet mash-up artist who got legal permission from Bill Watterson’s lawyers to pair Calvin and Hobbes with Dune.

But I’ve also operated an art blog since 2013, 70s Sci-Fi Art. The main blog is a tumblr, but it’s also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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My blog is doing well — over 400K followers across all platforms with high engagement — but since I don’t earn a dime on it, it’s tough to make time for. The paid newsletter gives me a chance to talk more about the context behind why specific artists or artworks are great: Something that should be really fascinating for hardcore fans of my blog. It also gives me a path towards earning a sustainable side income.

And, since I have a book to research, I have a lot to say.

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