Plus Blade Runner outtakes, Batman chest hair, and Moebius in RPGs
Fantasy artist Stephen Hickman passed away on Friday.
In 1976, the great Jack Kirby wrote and penciled a big treasury adaptation of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was bad. Kirby was bold, bombastic, dynamic, a …
The biggest image on tumblr this week was this Patrick Woodroffe artwork: It was used as the cover of a 1979 illustrated book by Woodroffe, which was i…
Featuring skeletons, bird-homes, a big glowing yellow jellybean. The usual.
Plus martini gas-pumps, skeleton crews, and a new explanation for UFOs.
Plus fonts, vintage game parks, and Raiders of the Lost Ark
Featuring skulls, worms, and dinosaur aliens
Plus, a surfing robot and Bob Pepper's cocaine facts
Featuring a lot of Star Wars and a little about Paul Alexander
Featuring terraformed moons, alien beaches, and attacking plants
Plus, some tumblr stats and phallic imagery from Michael Whelan