Featuring Roger Dean, John Schoenherr, and a lotta Frank Frazetta
Plus, an unknown muse, an unknown 70s movie, & an unknown meme backstory
Featuring a giant snail, a puppetmaster, and other particularly trippy covers
Plus: non-narrative sci-fi, memes, and the weirdest book in the world
Featuring a death, a dirigible, and an inside look at Saturn's rings
Featuring space cities, Jupiter, and a weird angle of the Earth from above
Plus Starseeds, Yellowjackets, and a made-up 50s sci-fi movie poster
That's right, something exclusive for once.
It's Kirby's most cosmic comic book story yet to reach the theaters
Plus skeleton comics, hippies, and an egghead cyborg.
Featuring EC Comics, spacesuits built for tentacles, and a hillbilly alcoholic zombie
Hobbes is the mind-killer