Plus: gothic romance, American Gothic, and time travel
Plus Gundam, Clive Sinclair, and Robert Tinney's Byte magazine covers
Weirdly, 'Bander Snatch' is the guy, not the giant bear alien he's fighting
Plus comics history, zero-g sex, and the House on Damned Hill
We all love the exciting world of copyediting. Hey wait don't mark this as read!
Plus, Heavy Metal, BeastMaster, and lots of airbrushing
Featuring John Harris, Bob Eggleton, Michael Whelan—the usual suspects
Plus, fandoms and an unpublished Richard Hescox
Featuring Tim Burton, Robert Redford, bad puns
Plus Blade Runner outtakes, Batman chest hair, and Moebius in RPGs
Fantasy artist Stephen Hickman passed away on Friday.
In 1976, the great Jack Kirby wrote and penciled a big treasury adaptation of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was bad. Kirby was bold, bombastic, dynamic, a …